Having had the Incredible opportunity to be one of the very first people in the world to learn and follow the Believe Releasing Process from 5th Dimension Earth and to be directly mentored by the phenomenal Olivia and Raf Ocaña throughout my own Awakening, it is now a complete Honour and Privilege to Now be Able to Support You on your Awakening Journey too and, if you Choose it, to Continue on and also Support You in Learning to Live in EvolvE YOU.

The Believe Releasing Process is Wondrous and Truly the most Powerful and fastest way to fully Awaken. It is totally Leading Edge and there is nothing else like it on the planet.

All Law of Attraction and Manifesting teachings to date have Targeted transitional (day to day) Vibration. But this Process Targets and shifts out ‘stored’ low Vibration, permanently and at pace, Enabling You to become 100% High Vibration and Opening You up to utter Limitlessness, Multiversal Wonder and so much more.

Imagine being Able to Hold your Vibration and Living as a Vibrational Master with no Fear. Can you Feel the Power that this would Give you? This is what awaits you on the other side of the Believe Releasing Process and Evolving, and that’s only the Start….!


“A true Awakening takes Courage, Determination, a huge helping of Self Love and Commitment but also an unrivalled willingness to Change. Real Change is hard. Real Change takes patience and continuous resilience. But when that Change happens, you wonder how you ever existed before it. There is also Wonder, Enlightenment, Love, Connection and thrilling High Vibration at times as You move through your Awakening. It is the Believe Accredited Practitioners role to help Guide You, support You, challenge You at times and most importantly, remind You that You are not alone on this Journey.”

5th Dimension Earth

 If You are looking for some close and Loving Guidance whilst moving through your Awakening, I offer various Support options.

As a Believe Accredited Practitioner I am Certified and have been given a very special Energetic Ability which means I am able to access Divine Insight and ensures that I never Mistranslate, nor Infiltrate the Guidance Received for You from Non Physical.

When working with Clients, as a Believe Accredited Practitioner I am able to leverage the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome, the most powerful Energetic Holding in the Multiverses. I also work closely with and Receive from my Incredible Higher Self Sara who resides in the 23rd Dimension and my equally Incredible and Wondrous Multiversal Non Physical Team.

As part of this Precious role as your Believe Accredited Practitioner, I will be able to Help Guide You to key experiences that your Higher Self is wanting You to Release, this insight is so invaluable to Help You to move through your Awakening more quickly. I have Experienced first hand what it is to go through The Believe Releasing Process and what it means to truly Awaken. I Know what it is like to unturn those difficult stones of ‘What Was’. I also Know how to help navigate You through to Balance.

But your Awakening journey isn’t only about removing low stored Vibration, there is so much Wonder to be relished along to way also.

You will develop and blossom your relationship with your precious Higher Self, and over time as You progress further through your Awakening, You will get to meet some of your mighty Non Physical Team and also start to gain an insight into your own unique Energetic Capabilities that are within your Soul waiting to be tapped into and developed.

You will learn Leading Edge Insight and Understanding around Manifestation, about generating true Desire to Manifest BIG and Manifest BIGGER, about Vortexes of Emotion, Laws of Truth, Balance, Desire and Attraction, and so much more along the way.

Yes your Awakening will be challenging at times and yes You will need to be brave, but I am here to Vibrationally hold your hand with so much Love. Know that having followed this Process myself, it is absolutely worth it and there is so much Magic and Multiversal wonder waiting to be uncovered by You. Also know that your Higher Self and Non Physical Team simply cannot wait for You to get to Know them! 

It is time to set yourself free, to Remember and Connect yourself back to the Truth Of You and what You came here to do, to start Living limitlessly and being all that You Truly are, for You are AWESOME.

With so much Love.

Sarah xx