releasing upsurge session


These 75 minute sessions are Brilliant if you Understand the Believe Releasing Process Concepts but have been Feeling like you are struggling and are yet to Master your First Release. On these sessions I will Upsurge the Energy so that you WILL Release and then continue to progress forwards!

These are also Perfect if you have been Releasing for a while and Feel stuck or challenged with a particular Release and would like me to Powerfully Hold your Vibrational hand with Love and Support whilst Together we Work through it.

If the slots available absolutely don’t work for You then please contact me directly at and I shall endeavour to accommodate an alternative appointment for You.

4 week kick start support

£850 or 2 monthly installments of £425

This 4 Week Believe Releasing Process Kick Start Support is especially for those who are yet to fully get underway with the Believe Releasing Process and who are ready to wholeheartedly start their Awakening journey.

It includes a powerful 90 minute 1-2-1 session to energetically propel you into your Awakening, followed by 4 weeks of support Monday to Friday via Facebook messenger.