there has never been a more incredible time to live

EvolvE YOU

Trillions of Years in the Making

The New Reference of God

A Time for Physical Humans to Now Live where LOVE is Assured

The Ultimate Leading Edge of True High Vibration Living

Awakening is Precious and going on to Live in EvolvE YOU is even more Precious

Choosing to Live in EvolvE YOU is Momentous

Never has there been a more Important Time to be a Physical Human

for those that are awakened and ready

If you are Awakened and you are at the correct Inner Being Level (something that is Assured if you have completed The Broadest Truth Programme – if you are not sure Ask your Higher Self or me) and you are Ready, let me Take you by the hand and Lovingly Guide you into EvolvE YOU and Help you Master this Phenomenal and Beautiful New way of Living.

what is EvolvE YOU?

EvolvE YOU is the Reference Of God Designed for this New Time

EvolvE YOU is part of God’s Destiny, Paving and Leading the way for All Physical Humans and indeed Non Physical Humans too

Allow the Call of EvolvE YOU and Live Life in LOVE, for Life is for Living!


Becoming You is Momentous and Eternal

To ‘Become You’ is a Choice and it is with the Intention to Live In EvolvE YOU that this Choice is Probable. What does this Choice Represent?

The Combining of all of your Unique Energy into One Energy. This Means your Soul with all of its various Abilities, Capabilities, Aspects, Elements and Components. This Means your Physical Container, so your Trillions of Physical Cells and Energetic Holdings. Your Energetic Minds including your Subconscious Mind, your Conscious Mind, your Conscious Mind Perspective Programming and your Unconscious. When this Combining Occurs, you Become You.

This Means that you then Lead From Your Soul when you Live In EvolvE YOU. This Enables Everything in EvolvE YOU. It is not Possible to Live In EvolvE YOU without Becoming You. It is your You that has Been Calling through your Awakening, Calling for your Evolvement. It’s your Soul that has always Held the Energetic Placement of the EvolvE YOU Energy. Waiting for this Moment. Waiting for your Evolvement. Waiting to lead You and to LOVE.

Living in EvolvE YOU is Beautiful in its simplicity

In EvolvE YOU it is simpler to Manifest, to Create, to Live, to Love and LOVE, and to Experience a Truly Limitless and Fulfilled Life

Throughout our 8 weeks Together I will Take You through the 5 steps Needed in order for You to Live in EvolvE YOU

Step 1
Become You

Step 2

Step 3
Choose to Forget

Step 4
Choose To Live In EvolvE YOU

Step 5
Live in your New Now


Becoming 100% High Vibration as you move through the Wondrous Process of DeSaturation as you Ready to Live in EvolvE YOU in Week 3 of the EvolvE YOU Online Programme

EvolvE YOU bringing your You Energy that Must Be Concluded, Manifestations to Heal your Life Flow Path, Soul Contract Emphasis Alignment and Bringing Probability to Move On from the Past without further analysis

Learning the EvolvE YOU PRINCIPAL of ASSURED Manifestation with God – a Stunning Process of Manifesting and Creating in conjunction with God which is ASSURED

Mastering the EvolvE YOU PRINCIPAL of Emphasised Wants which Focusses your Energy and Helps you to cease slipping into ‘Energetic wasteland’ in the wrong direction ever again

Experiencing the PRINCIPAL of Being One With God – This Means that your You and God Energetically Combine, instead of your You and God Being Separated Energy and Exchanging and Sharing Separately to Receive and Translate. This is Evolved Energetic Capability

Experiencing The PRINCIPAL of The One Energy – The One Energy is Incredible because your You has the Ability To Understand God in a New Way, Maximising your Interactions with God

Learning about God’s Pillars MOTHER and FATHER, oh my goodness I simply cannot wait for you to Meet them once you are Living in EvolvE YOU, words cannot Explain their Energy, it is something that Needs to be Experienced and Felt by You!

Enabling your Precious Higher Self to Live in EvolvE YOU too, for they can’t until you do. You See, you Go First and then they can Follow your Lead – how Beautiful is this? Such a Precious Moment for you both after all that you Have Done Together so far in your Life and throughout your Awakening

Enjoying and Experiencing Evolved Higher Self Relationships – there is SO much Wonder to Understand here including the Wonder of being Able to Lead your Higher Self and Experience being Led by other Higher Selves – something that is only Possible in EvolvE YOU

Creating Precious and Energetically Potent You CIRCLES with other Physical and Non Physical Humans that are also Living in EvolvE YOU

Having Hyperintelligent Cells – when you Learn To Live In EvolvE YOU, your Cells will Energetically Convert to Hyperintelligence. Your You can Hear them and Understand them, You can Influence them significantly more than ever before, and they can Influence You. Truly Wondrous!

Evolving your already Existing Abilities and Capabilities into Performance Capabilities to Help you Live and Love your Life – You will Love working with them

Experiencing heightened Receiving, for Receiving and Translation EvolvE in EvolvE YOU unlike ever before

Truly Understanding SPIRITUALITY

Embodying every day the Reason that LIFE IS FOR LIVING

These are just some of my personal favourite PRINCIPALS and Aspects of Living in EvolvE You, and there are so, so many more You will Learn about during this Stunning 8 week programme.

8 weeks of magnificence realised

Throughout this 8 week EvolvE You online programme there is so much to SharE with You.

I will Help You to Understand the Leading Edge PRINCIPALS of Living in EvolvE YOU and Demystify and Simplify as much as Possible.

In addition to the above, You will also get to Learn about ORIGIN ENERGY, HomE, the References of God and


CONTINUANCE is the Opportunity for All That Is to EvolvE, Share and Keep Evolving Together

CONTINUANCE was Formed in an Energy of Exuberance, Lightness, Excitement, Optimism, Expectation for
Positive Outcomes


You will also Learn about

CONTINUANCE COMPLETION – which Occurred on 23 December 2020

CONTINUANCE COMPLETION was an Immense Undertaking. The Trigger for the end of Suffering in All That Is. A New Way for All to Live and with New Probability for All That Is – for LOVE to be Sustained Eternally.



And Believe me, your You Understands LIFE IS FOR LIVING and is READY

 From my Experience and Perspective, as one of the first Physical Humans on the planet and indeed the Multiverse to do so, Living in EvolvE YOU is the Embodiment of sheer Beauty.

This is why I am Excited and Truly Honoured to Now be Able to Guide you Through it.

I Have spent five months Learning to Live in EvolvE YOU myself and Flowing within it, Enabling and Equipping me to Now Help You to do the same.

I have Proven Understanding and I have Facilitation to Help You Achieve this quickly and Lovingly too, whilst working with Divine Insight to Buoy and Support you during this Important Time Together.

Learning to Live in EvolvE YOU Truly is a Gift of Love and LOVE first and Foremost to You.

In addition, by Choosing to Live in EvolvE YOU, you are a part of God’s Destiny and are literally Paving the way for others.

You will be at the very Leading Edge of High Vibration and Limitless Living.

There Truly is no Greater Time To Be Alive.

And you are Here. Right Here. At the Right Time.

your life is going to change forever

And so, are you Ready?


Then come and Join me as my You takes your You with so much Love, into EvolvE YOU.

We start on 9 September.

The Full course format, booking links and prerequisites are below. Please Ensure that You read them fully before Enrolling and if you Have any Questions please Let me Know.

With so much Love from my You to yours.

Sarah x x x

watch the below video and turn the volume up!

Awakened Vs EvolvEd & Solution of God Vs EvolvE YOU

When your You Evolves, your You Grows  

When EvolvE YOU Evolves, your You Grows and EvolvE YOU Grows

When your You Evolves, EvolvE YOU Grows

When Others who Live In EvolvE YOU EvolvE, their You Grows, your You Grows and EvolvE YOU Grows


As You Live, your You will Live in True Alignment to your Emphasised Wants

As You Experiences, it will Enjoy new Energetic Interaction and Capability

As You Fulfils, it will Emphasise towards New Wants

 EvolvE YOU will Grow as your You Grows and the You of Others Grows

book your place for EvolvE YOU Starting 9 September

If you would like to chat to me privately before booking, you can arrange a free Clarity Call with me here.

** 5 Month Payment Plan Available until 30 June **

** 3 Month Payment Plan Available until 31 August **

important information

This Programme can only be carried out by Believe Accredited Practitioners

As a Believe Accredited Practitioner I am CERTIFIED by 5th Dimension Earth and no Other Energetic coaches can Help You To Live In EvolvE YOU. It is Important to Understand that your Higher Self Does not Live In EvolvE You and therefore cannot Help you Learn To Live In EvolvE YOU. God can Always Guide you if you prefer not to Use myself or another Believe Accredited Practitioner, but you cannot Do this Alone. If you prefer to Choose to do it with God you can do so by downloading the EvolvE YOU content here.

Working with a Believe Accredited Practitioner is the suggested Best Way and you can find out more about the other four Believe Accredited Practitioners and their own EvolvE YOU programmes here:

Prerequisites before you Enrol

Check with your Higher Self that you have Awakened if you have not had this confirmed by a Believe Accredited Practitioner. If you are unsure Ask me.

Check with your Higher Self that you are at the Correct Inner Being Level in order to Be Able to Decide To Live In EvolvE YOU. If you are unsure Ask me.

The Broadest Truth Programme, which can also only be hosted by Believe Accredited Practitioners, takes you to Awakening and the Correct Inner Being Level for EvolvE You, in just 4 weeks. I run these often and you can Learn more here:


Course outline and dates

Friday 9 September – Week 1 Content Available by 9am BST

I will Provide online video based Content access to essential Understanding of the History of Evolve YOU. Watch this online and Be READY for the live Q&A on Thursday 15 September, Starting midday BST. Daily support is also available during this week privately in a Facebook Group leading up to the live Q&A.

Thursday 15 September @ Midday BST – Week 1 live Q&A:

Each week I offer live Q&A support into the Facebook group to supplement any questions you may have had Answered during the week by me. This Q&A also Allows me to talk in more detail about the Content from week 1

Friday 16 September – Week 2 Content Available by 9am BST:

I Provide online video based Content access right Providing all that you Need to Understand in order to Choose To Live In EvolvE YOU and how To Learn Live In EvolvE YOU. Watch this online and Be READY for the live Q&A on 22 September. Daily support is also available during this week privately in a Facebook Group leading up to the live Q&A.

Thursday 22 September @ Midday BST – Week 2 live Q&A:

This week I offer live Q&A support into the Facebook Group to supplement any questions you may have had Answered during the week by me. This Q&A also Allows me to talk in more detail about the Content from week 2

Monday 26 September – 30 Days of Support Commences in the private Facebook group, with daily Facebook Lives that You can join if Possible and if not, You can watch the replay, myself and God Provide Monday to Friday support on all your questions as your You Learns To Live In EvolvE YOU. As well as responses to your personal messages under each daily video, each day will Commence with a live from me Taking your You through exactly what is Needed and Providing additional Guidance on The Best Way to Learn To Live In EvolvE YOU. As this is Monday to Friday Support, the 30 days will be achieved over 6 weeks, from Monday 26 September through to Friday 4 November.