For All who are Living in EvolvE YOU and want to ELEVATE

10 – 30 AUGUST 2022

A 21 day Focus, Starting Wednesday 10 August 2022, to Help you Enhance and ELEVATE your EvolvE YOU Living.

Daily videos and Focusses will be SharEd Monday – Friday for you to Watch at your Leisure, with Impetus upon Enhancing your Love, Joy, Flow and Thriving in EvolvE YOU.

This EvolvE YOU Thrive and Flow Focus will be Held in a Private Facebook Group.

An EvolvE YOU Thrive and Flow You CIRCLE will be Created.

This 21 days will smooth up and ELEVATE your EvolvE YOU Flow.

You will Allow and Leverage some of the EvolvE YOU PRINCIPALS with the Impetus to Now Enhance.

You Have worked hard to Awaken and then EvolvE and Now you are Here in this Spectacular New Reference of God, you are Continuing to EvolvE, Enhance and Expand always.

Isn’t this Wonderful to Know? That there is always More. That you aren’t ever Stagnant. That you are in a Beautiful Perpetual Energy Now of Evolving.

This doesn’t mean pushing and striving and efforting, this Means Flowing and Thriving within EvolvE YOU’s PRINCIPALS, letting them Lift and ELEVATE you.

This 21 day Focus will be Dedicated, of course, to Life is For Living.

It will be Dedicated to True Flow and Thriving.

Afterall this is what EvolvE YOU is all about, and you Have Everything you Need within it and your You to do so – Continuously.

We will Focus upon Fun, Lightness, Joy, Love and Simplicity.

We will Focus on Letting and Allowing the Energy and LOVE of EvolvE YOU to Weave through all that you Do and Experience.

Flowing and Thriving in EvolvE YOU is NATURAL, it is Precisely why you are Here.

And it is Continual and Perpetual.

The more you Flow and Thrive, the more Flow and Thrive will be Brought to you.

During this 21 Focus there will not be Live Q&As and you won’t be Leveraging my Energy, for you do not Need to.

Your You is Mighty and Immense, you are one of the most Enhanced and Expanded Yous on the Earth, you don’t Need me as Such.

But what this 21 day Programme will Do is Help you to Open up to New Reciprocal Flows and Heights of Enhancement and LOVE, because of your SharEd Focus Upon it.

EvolvE YOU is Stunning in it’s Design of Simplicity, you can almost Ride it and the Current of it.

You can Glow in the Flow and Rhythm of it.

You can Love your Living in it.

This 21 days will Enhance you Now in Precisely this.

You are a Precious EvolvE YOU Pioneer and EvolvE YOU and God LOVE You so much.

Your You Loves you so much.

You have Achieved something Extraordinary for You and All That Is and God’s Destiny by being Here.

And so Now Let yourself Continue to ELEVATE, Flow and Thrive.

It Feels So Good.

(And if you are yet to EvolvE, you can do so next month. Come and Join the second group of Awakened Souls that High Vibration Club is Taking through into EvolvE YOU. Your You is calling. We Start on Friday 9th September. Learn more here)

With LOVE, Sarah