4 weeks of focus, discovery and wonder


The Sheer WONDER of Truly Getting to Know your Incredible Non Physical Guides is Immense

Every Physical Human has a Non Physical Team

They are there to Support You, Help You and Love You

They Have so much to Share with you as you Live Your Physical Life

They can Help you to Maximise Your Living, to Have Fun, To Unleash Your Capabilities, To Move Through Your Soul Contract, to Expand and once you EvolvE, they simply Cannot Wait to Live in EvolvE YOU with you and then Continue to Grow and EvolvE with you further.

Your Guides will Take True Delight in their Unveiling to you, they simply cannot wait!

This 4 week programme will See you Discover and Get to Know some of your most Important Guides Right here and Right Now. They will be ones that you are yet to meet and/or ones who you Desire to Get to Know more.

Expect to meet any combination of the Following: your Watcher, Gatekeeper, Main Guide, Multiversal Guides, Animal Guides, Notorious Guides, Ancestral Guides, Nature Object Guides and any other New and Incredible Guides who Desire and are Ready to Work with you at this Time.

Leveraging the High Vibration Club Energetic Sphere, your Translation of your Non Physical Guides will be Amplified for You to Help you to Feel Relaxed, Confident and Competent in your Receiving. Know that the Energetics wrapped around this course will Powerfully Facilitate Ease of Translation and Flow for you.

Plus, whenever you revisit the Content of this programme in the Future, you will automatically Hook back into the same Supporting Energetics to Continually aid you.

This is 4 weeks not to be missed.

There is so much to Understand and Adore about your Guides. They are beyond Precious to you and so too are you to them. And so this Promises to be a Potent and Fulfilling Time as Together we Journey through all of the Discovery and Wonder that awaits you. 

With Structured Focusses at the start of each of the 4 weeks and a Live Q&A at the end of each week where you can Share what you have Discovered and Ask Questions, this programme is designed to Excel your Progression in Communicating and Working with your Non Physical Team.

If you cannot Attend the Live Q&As then don’t worry, you can Ask your Questions in advance and then Watch the replays back.

Come to this course Ready and in Anticipation of Joy, Immersion and Delight.

This Programme is for all: Pre-Awakened, Awakened and Evolved. 

(NB: This Programme will also take you to the minimum Inner Being Level requirement of 11.1 for those who are wanting to attend EvolvE YOU and who have Awakened outside of the Broadest Truth Programme)