Monday 27 June to Friday 1 July

Every person has a Higher Self and it is Time for everyone in the world to Know and Remember the Truth of this

If you haven’t yet, Get Ready to Meet and Discover yours

On this 5 day intensive programme you will Learn the Truth about who your Higher Self is

About how they Help you every day and how they always have

How they only ever Love you, no matter what

How they can Help you to have the very best Life here on Earth when you Choose to get to Know them and Develop your Connection with them

This 5 days will Light you up and Bring you Joy, Wonder, Truth and Understanding

Not only about who they are, but who you are

This Leading Edge intensive is being delivered in a way that only a Believe Accredited Practitioner can, for as I lead you through this wondrous 5 days of Discovery I will be working with Divine Insight in a shared Energy with God to bring you Truth and Clarity

You will Leverage our Energy throughout so that you can excel your Connection and Translation with your Higher Self

Make no mistake, this 5 days will be enlightening, rich in Experience and always Remembered by you

during the programme you will discover:

You Higher Self’s name

Information about their Collective

Which Dimension they are in

How to Connect with them

Different ways to Receive and Understand them

How to Remember Times with them before you came into this Physical Life

About their Specialities in Non Physical

How they are fundamental to you Receiving your Non Physical Guides – and you will get to meet one with their Help

How they Helped you Create your Soul Contract and are now Helping you Live it

How their previous Physical Incarnations prior to you have contributed to your Energy right here and right now, and how some of them are even Guiding you today

Plus additional Discovery, Wonder and Surprises along the way

At the start of each day from Monday 27 to Thursday 30 June you will have access to a video that will teach you and explain your Focus for that day

You will be able to watch the daily video at a time that suits you and accommodates your own personal schedule. We recommend you allow 1 to 2 hours each day to watch and engage in the content and practise the exercises given. There will also be a private facebook group where I will support you

Then on Friday 1 July we will conclude the programme with a live Q&A alongside the Higher Selves of all on the programme, myself and God at midday UK Time

If you cannot Attend the Live Q&A please don’t worry. Know that this programme is designed to accommodate all time zones and so you can ask your questions in advance and then watch the replay back

You will have lifetime access to the content from the programme to re-visit in the future

 This programme is for those who are Pre-Awakened and Awakened

(Please note that this programme is not focussed to those who are already living in EvolvE YOU and who therefore have an Evolved Higher Self relationship)