this group focus will set 2022 off to an immense start

Do you want to Join a big group Focus in January to set your 2022 off to an Immense Start?

Do you want to Focus on High Vibration, deep Alignment and Sublime and Satisfying Flow, and really Practice Settling into a rhythm of continued Mastery of this?

It has been a while since I have hosted a month-long, big group focus in this way and boy oh boy are myself and my Non Physical Team Ready for you!

For you see, a lot has been happening, shifting, Evolving and taking form behind the scenes of High Vibration Club, and so I have been taking some time to Settle. But now, January is coming and I am raring to go with all of you who are Ready to Join me in Focussing on Feeling Good to the MAX!

January is going to be Awesome.

This January Focus is going to be about mega High Vibration, Feeling Good, Bathing in Satisfaction, Satiation and Love, Love, Love.

It will be 31 days of daily Focus and Sharing, Weaving in Guidance, Support, Energetic Practices and Live Q&As, all of which you will have continued access to beyond January 2022 so you can re-visit all of the Powerful content as much as you like in the future.


This January High-bration Lift-off will See the introduction of my Wondrous and Incredible Energetic Dome.

This is the first time that you will be able to Experience Leveraging it. Its Formation and Creation has been Focussed on Helping you to live a BEAUTIUFUL LIFE. This means Feeling Good, Maximising Manifesting Probability, Experiencing LIGHT, Love and Energetic Uplift and so, so much more.

My Energetic Dome is Magical, Immense and Precious and I am SO Excited for you to start Experiencing it throughout January.

As always with the way myself and my Non Physical Team run these month-long Focuses, we will Flow day to day, bringing all in the Group exactly what is Needed and in the BEST WAY. You won’t have to Tune in live and all content will be available for you to watch at any time on replay.

You can Expect Excitement, Exhilaration, Uplift, Light and Love as we Journey through January together.

You can also Expect Flow, Fun, Camaraderie, Togetherness, Joy and, Every Time that you Allow it, utter Connection to the True, Limitless, Awesome You.

High-bration is our Focus.

So let January Lift you, Invigorate you, Focus you and Celebrate you as together we Hone in on Soaring to new heights of Vibrational Satisfaction and Feeling Good.

This month long Focus is for All, whether you are pre Awakened, Awakened and/or living in EvolvE You, and whether you are new to High Vibration Club or whether you have been with me since the start.

Invite your friends, those you Love, and all who you would love to Share this Special month with.

And so, without further ado, Let’s GO!

Book your place below and I cannot wait to begin.

I Love you SO, so much.

Sarah x x x