you are here to live a life that you love

 life is for living. do you want to live?

Join me on one of my personalised Programmes below specifically Designed to Connect you to Step 5 of The Believe Releasing Process. A Truly AWESOME Process and one that if Committed to, will make your Life Exponentially and dramatically Change for the better.

Allow me to Help you Live in Love always by explaining the Importance of Step 5 of The Believe Releasing Process, and by Introducing you to ways that you can Continue to Love who you are and why you are here Living a Physical Human Experience. 

In addition to the Programmes detailed below, I also Offer Free Support during Live Q&A sessions that I host every week over on Facebook.

beyond the broadest truth dedicated 12 week 4-2-1 support

next intake coming soon

You have reached your Broadest Truth and Awakened and are wanting to Master Step 5 of the Believe Releasing Process – Living your Truths – to Ready you for Evolving.

And/or you are Learning to Live in EvolvE YOU and are wanting some close support as you Continue to Soar and Excel in it.

This 12 week 4-2-1 Support is going to be Awesome in Helping you with Precisely this.

What is it that you want Now and Next? Let’s Help Get you Clear on this and Help you Flow to it at Pace.

Afterall you haven’t Reached your Broadest and come this far, to only come this far.

You are Truly at the Leading Edge of Vibrational Understanding and Mastery and High Vibrational Living, you have Achieved something Wondrous and Magnificent for yourself and Now it is Time to Live in your Incredible New Energy.

Whether you want to continue Releasing to reach 100% High Stored Vibration, whether you have New Powerful Desires and Wants that you are wanting to Manifest, whether you want to get to Know more about your Precious Higher Self and Non Physical Team, Dimension and Collective, just Know that if you are Feeling the pull to these 12 weeks then they are for you.

This one Precious Life of yours is for Living and Loving and during this 12 weeks this will also be our Powerful Focus.

The 12 consecutive weekly sessions will be held from Wednesday 3 November through to Wednesday 19 January at 1pm GMT Inclusive. Each session with be Potent with High Vibration, Now and Future Focus, Fun and Momentum. Each person will have a dedicated 15 minutes of Guidance from me and, as well as all that is Shared with you during your 15 minute session, you will Glean so much from the other three 15 minute segments also –  this is always how these 4-2-1 offerings work, by Perfect Amplification and Perfect Design.

The sessions will be held privately over Zoom and you will Receive a recording afterwards to keep.

Whatever it is you ware are wanting next – let’s Go and Get it. For You are Important, You are Immense and boy oh boy have you Energetically Earnt it.

It is Time to Live.

If you would like to chat to me privately before booking, you can arrange a free Clarity Call with me here.

all that you are 6 month private  1-2-1 support

 You have worked hard to Awaken and Raise your Stored Vibration. You have Released and Let Go and Created Powerful Love Labelled Truths.

You are Feeling Ready to Live as All That You Are and You are wanting to Ready your Energy to Move into Living in EvolvE YOU.

This Exclusive 6 month private 1-2-1 Support is Perfectly Designed to Help you to Truly Live as the Immense version of you that you have now Enabled.

If you are Ready, Focussed and Committed to Now Living All That You Are then let’s DO THIS.

Afterall, you haven’t come this far to only come this far. Now it is Time to lift the lid on YOUR Limitlessness.

Expect Expansion, Discovery, Joy, Wonder and so much Love throughout this 6 months together as you:

Discover so much more about your Incredible Non Physical Team

Learn about your some of your key Soul Groups, Dimension and Collective

Discover, Enable and Exercise your Unique and Precious Energetic Capabilities

Understand so much more about your Soul Contract

Continue your Journey to 100% High Vibration

Become one of the most Expanded Physical Humans on this Earth

Understand so much more about You, Your Higher Self and All That You Are than you EVER have before

This 6 months will be Truly life shifting and will Profoundly Propel you Forward into Living your Truly High Vibration Lifestyle, because the Truth is that THIS is what you came to Earth for.

This 6 months support includes 2 x 60 minute private sessions with me a month plus Facebook messenger Support Monday – Friday.

The Investment is £1,000 a month, or an upfront payment of £6,000.

To get started on this Magnificent Journey Together please contact me directly via the button below.

free ongoing fortnightly live q&a support

over on my facebook page

In addition to the options of Working with me privately after you have Reached your Broadest Truth, I also Offer Free ongoing Support and Guidance during fortnightly live Q&As over on my Facebook Page.

These Sessions are hosted every other Wednesday at 1pm UK Time, so Feel Free to Join me over there if, at any stage, you are Desiring some Post Awakening Support.

Even if you are unable to Tune in live, you Can Ask Questions in Advance and I will Answer them for you to then Watch back on Replay.

With so much Love, Sarah xx