Do You want to learn about some of the key aspects that are waiting to Manifest for You in your Soul Contract, should You wish to Choose and Allow them beyond your Awakening?

Do You want to Understand more about why your Physical Journey so far has been the way it has been?

Do You want to meet and strengthen your Tuning with your precious Higher Self?


As per the Leading Edge teachings from 5th Dimension Earth, they are the Eternal, broader aspect of you. The closest Non Physical relationship You can ever have. 

You are a brand new and unique extension of your Higher Self, new to this life, new to this Physical Experience yet All that your Higher Self has Experienced before is within You.

All that You Experience and All that You Grow from, Allows them to Grow from also and ultimately impacts the Universe. 

You are them and they are You. You are hyper-connected, You cannot disconnect. They Love You unconditionally and all that you have felt, they have felt, all that you Desire to Manifest, they Desire for You.


A Soul Contract is the agreement between You, your Higher Self and God.

Every single Physical Being having a Physical Experience at any given Time has come forth in full agreement, Knowledge and Understanding of what was to come.

The purpose of the Soul Contract is to trigger necessary Growth activities and experiences in order for the Soul to Grow and expand, providing the greatest possible Evolution of your Physical Experience and the ultimate ascension of your Higher Self.


Gain high level insight into the some of the Magnificence within your Soul Contract,  that is waiting to Manifest for You if you Choose to Awaken, and then fully Enable and Allow it

Connect to a broader Knowing and Understanding of why, really and Truly, You are here on this Earth in Physical form at this Time

Receive messages and Guidance from your Precious Higher Self who is so Excited that You are Choosing to be Consciously Whole

Feel and Connect to your Higher Self whilst my Non Physical Team and I ‘hold’ your Vibration to Help You recognise and Receive them more clearly

Receive Guidance on what resistance is holding You back right Now 

Have a chance to ask your Higher Self questions that You are seeking Guidance on

If You are already moving through your Awakening, you will also Receive Guidance on some of the key remaining low stored Vibration that your Higher Self is wanting to Help You to Release


The 60 minute session will be held via Zoom and You will be sent the audio recording afterwards to keep.

Please note that if You are one of my clients Receiving 6 months of 121 Awakening Support, You will Receive a Soul Contract reading and likewise an Akashics Records Reading when I am Guided that the Time is right for You during our Time together at no extra cost.


To anyone who is thinking about having a soul contract reading with Sarah I can not recommend this enough. It was so accurate about things that had happened in my life it was unbelievable and also made me feel much more at ease about connecting more to my Higher Self. Since I have had the reading the synchronicities that have been happening are incredible and I truly feel that I am on the right path and being guided and supported.
And it goes without saying, Sarah’s support and
positivity is infectious. I truly feel great since I have done this.

jackie hunter


My Soul Contract reading with Sarah today was stunningly accurate and I was able to relate to every word Sarah said throughout the full hour. Her summary of my childhood experiences, my present day situation and how my future path is developing made complete sense. I left the reading with a lot of clarity – I felt reassured that not only do I have a Higher Self but I already communicate with her (something I suspected but wanted confirmation of). I have a sense of peace that everything I have experienced in my life was meant to happen even if it didn’t feel too great at the time and that everything is on the way rather than in the way!

christine brown

I had a Soul Contract reading with Sarah yesterday and it blew me away! When I first stumbled across Sarah’s work a year ago I had no idea then that our meeting was meant to be, she lit my path to the Believe course and I haven’t looked back. Working through the Believe Releasing process and I am back working with her again on one of her money courses, which has opened up even more understanding for me and I was guided to book onto her new Soul Contract Reading. The energy within this reading was off the chart, she confirmed things within my Soul Contract that I had started to feel was my path and the awesomeness of this was magical. Sarah and Sara have the availability to really feel into who you are meant to be, the truth of who you really are.


For anyone thinking twice about getting a Soul Contract reading with Sarah, go for it! Had THE most amazing and wonderful reading ever this afternoon with this gorgeous and wonderful manifesting coach! Book it now!!! You will LOVE IT!

nathalie pymm

I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to have a Soul Contract Reading with Sarah as it will definitely open your eyes to what your Higher Self is encouraging and supporting you to do with your life, and issues that need to be addressed or released to help you manifest the life you truly desire. Since my Soul Contract reading, I have become a lot more aware and consistent in knowing what my journey is to be in this life, what needs to be done and to allow it all to manifest in its perfect timing. Sarah is very compassionate and understanding which allows you to feel relaxed from the moment you commence working with her.

larry davids